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Mil spec 4088 webbing

The webbing is Mil Spec Type 13, sewn with 69 thread, and the buckle is a 1. This belt is constructed so that three quarters of the belt is doubled and sewn to itself, the last 8 to 10 inches is a single thickness, so it's easy to pass through the buckle. The area after the buckle is sewn with an Box 'X' stitch, and then there are 5 rows of stitching that run the lenght of the belt. The outside of the belt can be covered in loop Velcro so as to mate with a Jones Tactical 2" Duty Gun Belt, at an additional charge.

The inside of the belt can be covered in hook Velcro as well, to mate with a Jones Tactical 1.

mil spec 4088 webbing

The belt comes standard with a 1. Home Accessories. Materials 1. Compact, light, high load capacity, handy, versatile and safe. I could see from the photos an approximate color of the Marapat Brown, and some of the detail in the sewing, but because I had never seen one of your belts in person, I really didn't know how it would turn out I want to tell you that you have done a great job not just on the belt but also in addition, the placement of the V-Ring on the back side for attaching a retention lanyard This should provide plenty of strength and durability for many applications and outings Thanks again for your attention to the details, that make your products top shelf The craftsmanship shows with the attention to detail.

I owe it to you for making a Grade "A" product that anyone in the tactical space could appreciate.

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Thanks again for getting this belt to me in Afghanistan in such a timely manner. Refresh comments list RSS feed for comments to this post.All of the webbing at Strapworks is sold by the foot.

All quantity discounts are based on webbing of the same size. However, the order can be made up of webbing of different colors.

Please note that thickness is based on an average, and the texture of the webbing may vary in stiffness and weave. Shop by Products. Sold by the foot. For lengths greater than 30ftplease specify in your order notes if you prefer No Splices.

mil spec 4088 webbing

For most webbing the maximum continuous length is ftafter which a new roll is started. Military spec webbing is a great choice for rifle slings, strap adjuster straps, tent straps, backpack straps and much more. Pictured above is the mil spec webbing It is available in 1 Inch and is sold by the foot.

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The mil spec webbing has a thickness of 0. Outdoor enthusiast like hunters, fishermen and campers love Strapworks' military spec webbing. Choose Your military color. Click to view another Military color. For all of the latest and innovations and news at Strapworks.

You can follow us on Twitter for links to daily specials, "like" us on Facebook for access to a coupon code for your next order and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Related Products Tubular Nylon Webbing 1". Flat Nylon Webbing 1 Inch. Tubular Nylon Webbing 2".We provide these materials for a variety of end uses. Including: automotive applications, backpacks and bags, luggage, sporting goods, home goods and furniture, outdoor equipment, pet products, and much more.

We offer a broad line of webbings in a variety of patterns, widths, thicknesses, and colors. An assortment of finish treatments can be applied so the webbing performs the exact function required.

What is Nylon Webbing?

Such as: flame retardant, water repellent, soil release, and stiffeners. Minimums on custom run webbing and binding tape will range from yards and up. Printed webbing and binding tape is also available. We offer both knit and woven elastic both made domestically and imported. We provide elastic products for the medical industry, safety, military and tactical, performance apparel, home, recreational and industrial products.

Printed elastic is also available. Custom elastics can be made and usually require a minimum of 5, to 10, yards. We offer elastic in nylon, polyester, latex free, and cotton. Webbing, Binding Tape, and Elastic. We offer all types of webbings, binding tapes, and elastics made both domestically and overseas. Product Offerings:.


E-Mail Blast Signup. Sign up here to get the latest MMI news and special offers!Webbing Products offers specialised manufacturing of high performance specification webbing for use within diverse military, naval and air force applications.

We have developed highly sought after applications for the military and related industries. Each product is designed exactly to the relevant specifications, mandatory legislation and end-user application applicable to the product. This ensures compliance to stringent international quality standards and peace-of-mind to our customers. Comparative testing confirms the superior performance of the military webbing and its performance criteria when measured against the relevant specifications.

Our military webbing lines are manufactured from the highest quality materials. These lines share a number of key qualities, along with category-specific characteristics, in order to meet the exacting specifications and demands of a range of military applications. Our webbing is normally supplied in m rolls with personalised printing and branding available upon request.

Longer lengths are available to special order. Our parachute webbing is manufactured to military specification for the production of various safety-critical parachute applications.

Along with the general construction specifications, our parachute webbing also has superior abrasion resistance to support the longevity and safety-critical nature of the end-use application.

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Our belt webbing is designed to withstand the daily abrasion associated with training activities or combat and is vigorously tested to exceed general standards. A tight, coarse weave is used during manufacturing to ensure maximum strength capabilities while providing comfort and cosmetic appeal. Our range of tent webbing is manufactured from ultra-high tenacity polyester yarn, providing excellent UV stability under extreme weather conditions.

Key features of the tent webbing construction include the ability to repel water, sun and general weather conditions. The quick-drying nature of the tent webbing is a crucial requirement for all weather usability. Our backpack webbing is manufactured utilising ultra-high tenacity polyester, together with a pebble-weave pattern. This provides the ideal characteristics for the production of back packs. The webbing conforms to the highest tensile strength requirements, while providing the added benefits of low elongation and shrinkage.

Thus supporting the strict backpack specifications required for use in the following end-user applications:. These include water resistance as well as resistance to mould, rotting and certain chemical contaminants Specialised finishes are available to enhance the inherent properties of the webbing or to add custom characteristics, such as flame retardancy, anti-static and Teflon coatings Various colours are available, along with light-fast and UV properties For category-specific specifications, please refer to the parachute, belt, backpack and tent webbing sections Our webbing is normally supplied in m rolls with personalised printing and branding available upon request.

This versatile webbing is used in the production of various end-user applications, including: Military, police, security and ceremonial belts Rifle and shoulder straps Parachute harnesses Safety helmets etc. Thus supporting the strict backpack specifications required for use in the following end-user applications: Parachute packs Military backpacks, army rucksacksnavy haversacks and air force knapsacks Safety and training equipment. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Please provide consent and acknowledgement of these cookies Yes Privacy policy.This area is for general military style webbing information including specs and color examples. Lowy USA has a great webbing type and color selection including some of the harder to find webbings such as scuba and seatbelt types. Thanks to Gerald Schwartz INC accommodating me with a sample pack, I have a good batch of raw mil materials to show some of the great products they carry.

If you like what you see check out:. Things worth noting include: Coyote is more of a darker tan so M Coyote is what most people consider "Coyote. Can go from very thin and flexible to near scuba-belt thickness and stiffness.

3 Inch MilSpec Military Webbing MIL-W-4088 T/8A C/1A RANGER GREEN Per Yard

Classes 1 and 1a are considered critical use while Class 2 is non-critical. Intended use declares: for use in parachutes and their accessories, tow target reinforcement, safety belts, bomb hoists and slings, tie down equipment, and overrun barriers. Basic Specs Class Type XXIV. Basic Specs:. If you find this site useful, please check out our store to say thanks!

We have a good selection of morale and tactical accessories. Morale Patches Amusement. Webbing Details Category: Webbing Created: Wednesday, 08 July This area is for general military style webbing information including specs and color examples.

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The size and the mounting options turn this pouch into a specialty GP pouch. A good assortment Viking Tactics Pistol 1. Graham Combat Training Saturday, 17 October One of my tactical buddies had some training lined up with Matt Graham and offered me to come join in the fun.

Luckily the warehouse was semi in I'm a camera totn' dude, I mostly use it for that. To mount, the strap WIDTH inches. Type I.

mil spec 4088 webbing

Type II. Type III. Type V. Type IV. Type VI. Type Ia. Red at middle. Type VII. Type IX.Most aftermarket applications for military and industrial webbing require durability and strength.

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Both Nylon and Polyester industrial webbing provide strength and have excellent resistance to UV and mildew. We stock millions of yards of surplus Military webbing and Industrial webbing. These materials are available in a wide range of military and commercial colors. Due to the nature of aftermarket military, industrial and government webbing, shade variations will vary. To make sure our customers get what they need we sort according to shade as well as webbing type. Browse Products.

The possible applications for military and industrial webbing are wide-ranging. We serve customers in many different industries including those listed below. There are many consumer applications for seat belt webbing. Our customers use our webbing to make the products listed below. There are many more not included on this list.

Read our blog posts related to military and industrial webbing. Skip to main content. Browse Products Military and Industrial Applications The possible applications for military and industrial webbing are wide-ranging. Tennessee Webbing Products P. Box Knoxville, TN Site design by.Strong and durable and available in a variety of widths, colors and break strengths. It is hollow in the middle, making it a great protective covering for tubes, hoses, cables and shock cord.

View Nylon Tubular Webbing.

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Nylon webbing is commonly used in making sports products, dog leashes, luggage straps, and safety belts. View Nylon Webbing. View Polypropylene Webbing.

Nylon Webbing

Polyester webbing has better UV resistance than Nylon and Polypropylene webbing. Great for use with boat covers or other outdoor applications. View Polyester Webbing. Nylon and polyester binding tape and grosgrain ribbon is used in outerwear, luggage, packaging and a wide variety of other applications. View Binding Tape. View Military Specification Webbing.

Make an impact on your products. These webbing patterns are an example of what can be manufactured. View Pattern Webbing.

mil spec 4088 webbing

View Webbing Construction. Cutting Services We can cut webbing, binding tape and many of our other products to your specifications. Call our friendly customer service staff for details and a quote. Toll Free Phone: Toggle navigation. Webbings and Tapes.

John Howard Company carries several different types of webbing and binding tape including: Nylon Tubular Webbing Strong and durable and available in a variety of widths, colors and break strengths.

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